Saturday, March 8, 2014

Flower Arranging...

I Love flowers
What girl doesn't love a beautiful bouquet arrangement of 
sweet smelling loveliness on their table to enjoy? 
I was unable to share these pictures with you since around the time
 I put this bouquet together, my Gramma passed away. 
I am on the floral team at church. I was asked to do the floral arrangements for our service. I had to make three...One for the Lobby, one for the ladies room and the big one for the main service hall. It was my first time making the arrangement for church. I was a little nervous, whether it would look nice enough for the special occasion. I don't normally arrange flowers and it was a first for me to share it with over 150 people. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised. 

I think it turned out pretty nice. I picked up all the flowers from Trader Joes. Great prices! I spent $32 and made three arrangements, Not bad eh? I also sliced up some lemons which were provided by the neighbors overhanging lemon tree. I placed them inside the clear vase around the stems of the flowers. What a cheery, Spring addition to these gorgeous flowers. I even got some thumbs up for it. Plus I was blessed to be able to bring them home to enjoy.

As I was putting the arrangement together I remembered way back when I was in High school they gave out these tests to see what you would be good at as a career choice. I took my test, which revealed I would make a great florist. I chuckled to myself. 
Happy Official It's Spring!!!

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