Monday, March 10, 2014


It is one thing I am blessed by. The place where I am safe with the ones I love, where we can be silly or messy when we want. Where we learn, share and spend quality time together. Sometimes we are just comfortable hanging out doing our own thing, yet we are under the same roof. It's a place where we invite others into our life and treat them as if they were a part of the family too. It's where we are free to express ourselves, to reflect or just spend quiet moments. It is a place where we pray, where God is with us at all times. 

I have moved around so much in my short lifetime. I can't count on my fingers how many places I have lived. I was always uprooted from state to state, city to city and house to house. I always longed for a home to call a forever home. But moving followed me into my adulthood, we moved around quite a bit in the last 20 years. I have gotten used to it. Yet there is still a yearning inside to just stay settled and rooted somewhere. It's hard to say where God will take us from here. In my Hubby's profession as a Pastor...We may not be in one place for many years. We need to go where we are called to serve. I have also realized over the years that the earthly home is however, temporal. I should focus my yearning on my forever home which will be eternal in Heaven one day. That is very true. For now of course we are here... Home is more than just a house in itself. Home is wherever I am with my family. I can easily make a home sweet home wherever we move to. I like to make a colorful, cheerful, loving, nurturing atmosphere for my family and friends to be able to relax in, and where we glorify the Lord in how we use our home. Being good stewards, loving one another and showing hospitality, opening our home to people for food and fellowship. 

I love that we can use our home in that way. 
Last week I made a colorful wreath to brighten things up after being down in the dumps about my Gramma's passing away. It was really good medicine to create something to use in our home. It has already brought smiles. After making the wreath, I also wrapped some letters in colorful fabrics which spell out HOME. Adding it to our space really brightened it up around here.
 It really represents us and our home.

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