Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It is truly a blessing that I have been able to be a stay at home mom. I just don't think there is anything like it in the world. It is at times a job that is looked down upon or frowned at by many...Not all, but enough. I am proud to have the once in a lifetime opportunity of staying at home with my children. I have enjoyed every bit of it and never will regret this gift. Through the years we have made it work...On a humble budget we were always able to make a lovely home for our family. It's not fancy and frilly or big and none of our things are worth money, but we have always managed to make a beautiful atmosphere to be family. We have moved many times through the years, yet that never mattered. It didn't matter because, home was wherever we planted ourselves. Each home has always been a home sweet home as long as we were together in it. 

The biggest part of our home is ultimately having God in it. A home where we could not only enjoy one another and have some good laughs, it is a place where we daily invite the Lord to be with us, through prayer, family time devotions, reading His word together, fellowshipping and opening our home to others with hospitality and good food. Our home has been a place to learn, to love and worship our creator. We are so thankful for such wonderful blessings and to have the freedom to enjoy these gifts.

Yes, our current home is humble. It is small, yet it serves a great purpose in this season of our life. Most likely this Summer/Fall we will be searching once again for another place to make a home. Our Church plant is finally off the ground...So much going on...Will have to update soon. Once we know that everything will thrive in that area with this Church plant we will make the move to be closer to our congregation. It's pretty exciting to see the Lord's hand in it all.

I added this picture of Freckles...Just because.
I just adore my girl.


  1. I love your home! I was able to be at stay home mom and i won't change it for nothing. Thanks x sharing m

  2. I too was a stay at home mom for most all of my children's upbringing. I cherish those memories. Our home was very humble indeed,but blessed all the more for it. I agree with your post today Mica and pray your next move will be smooth and easy. I know wherever God plants your family next, that place will be wonderful. God has given you a natural talent of making a home for your family......Home Sweet Home....with his blessing Hugs dear friend