Sunday, May 18, 2014

Goat Hill Vintage Flea Market

This Saturday we went back to the Goat Hill Vintage Flea Market with our friend Virginia. There was so much to see, it really can be overwhelming. But, we love looking at all the fun stuff, dreaming of the things we couldn't afford  but gathering inspiration for things we could possibly create ourselves. It was still fun even if most of it was window shopping. It has also been very nice to meet and get to know Virginia whom also has the same interests in old, vintage and antiques. 

She is such a sweetheart. We have really enjoyed her company and feel like she is a kindred spirit. Just look at her...She is as sweet as she looks. And let's say she really pulls off those awesome vintage bifocals very well. It was awesome seeing her silly side too.

I snapped a bunch of pictures too, as you can tell I love the quirky stuff.
 So playful and colorful.

We walked through countless booths that filled up two buildings. It was awesome. And we walked away with one thing.... A bright green 7UP bottle crate. I was so happy. Virginia left with some metal letters that she wants to use for a decor project on a wall that needs some art. 

It was a nice day, we had a lovely lunch and good conversation.
 Hope to go again with Virginia, my Flea Market buddy!!!
Happy Weekend to you!!!

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