Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let's Swim...It's HOT Enough!

Off and on Summer has been trying to peek it's head in. The temps. have already risen up to the 100's and it's not even Summer yet. Our place does not have the luxury of a pool nor do we have air conditioning. Even the layout of this hose does not allow for good air circulation when the windows are open. So lets just say it gets really hot in here. We were pretty miserable the last couple weeks, being cooped up in a hothouse with no relief. Until some friends from church offered to pick us up for a swim at their Grandmother's house. It just so happened the day we went was one of the hottest days that week. Boy did we need that.

The kids had some fun splashing around, keeping it cool for over five hours. I took a few snapshots of the kids...It was truly a Godsend, that they invited us along. Poor Freckles was melting in the house.

I hope it won't be the last invitation to go swim.
 I'm thinking it may get pretty hot in our parts, since it's already getting hot over here and Summer has yet to begin. Anybody in our neck of the woods who has access to a pool and wouldn't mind some company, be sure to keep us in mind. We would love to join you. ;)

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