Thursday, May 8, 2014

She's Quirky

When I think of my daughter, Freckles. I think of her as being very quiet, somewhat shy and very sweet inside and out. However, if you knew her well enough or if she decides to let you in, you would learn that she is quite funny and witty too. She makes us laugh all the time. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is very sensitive. She is also very creative...The past several years she has become quite the avid reader, she loves Doctor Who and Sherlock along with many other British television shows and she enjoys writing her stories on vintage typewriters. Oh and not to forget, she loves a good cup of tea in a cute cup. Her recent hobby is journaling. She loves certain fashions and usually pulls off her very unique style which her friends call "Briness"... She is just so fun to be with...I think of her as a sweet soul and full of quirkiness...


 An individual peculiarity : mannerism or foible.

The most important thing to understand is that quirky is "weird" in an endearing way. People who are quirky are just weird enough to be interesting and intriguing but not weird enough to repel. Someone whose quirky has a few odd traits and habits but is not creepy or off-putting. "Quirky" really means lovable because of your faults, not in spite of them. Here are some quick-spotting tips for quirky girls:

  • Quirky girls love quaint clothing. They'll always choose A-line dresses to bandage dresses, hair ribbons to updos, pajama sets to teddys, and everything in-between. Vintage is highly prized but not a requirement. Quirky girls tend to fall for dresses with pockets and a fun pattern but are just as often seen in strange ensembles of flowy blouses, tunics, and pants. Their style usually is not in keep with current fashion and in all likelihood would never have been considered fashionable. They like loose-fitting clothing and pockets to hold all of the quirky do-bobs they pick up. A quirky girls' wardrobe can be described as classic at its best, as 1950's-French-housewife at its worst.

  • Quirky girls can seem as though they often have their heads in the clouds. There are times when she's completely off in her own world, it's true, but she's by no means flighty. She just was chasing down a thought that seemed more intriguing at the time than the conversation at hand.

  • Quirky girls are very into nature. They often like to garden and spend as much time as possible outside. Spring and summer are the seasons where quirky girls shine, largely because they love sundresses and the outdoors. Things like a new patch of irises randomly stumbled upon will excite her more than most.

Quirky girls are constantly doing unexpected things that seem completely natural and logical to them but no one else gets. Her understanding of the world is fundamentally different from others' and she acts accordingly. If you ask her to explain why in the world she did something, she'll give you a confused glance, as if surprised by your inability to understand why.

Quirky girls are clever. They've gone to college and sometimes have advanced degrees, majoring in something, well, quirky (like anthropology or a self-designed major). They take care to do well in school and are naturally bright, asking lots of questions and expecting good answers. In high school, they weren't part of the "in" crowd but they weren't misfits either. Quirky girls express themselves well and love learning. You can always have an intelligent and interesting conversation with a quirky girl,
 just as long as she respects you enough to engage with you. 

  • Quirky girls have weird hobbies. They might have one or two mainstream interests, like yoga, but usually they're kind of odd, like beekeeping, scrapbooking or quilting.


  • Quirky girls also like and get excited about weird things. The girl who loves puppies and baby animals is not a quirky girl. Look for the one who likes creatures like anteaters, sloths, or hedgehogs -- there's your quirky girl.


Quirky girls usually have big, expressive eyes which,
 when combined with their moderately conservative attire almost always appear younger than they actually are.

Quirky girls are playful and whimsical. If you're friends with one you'll find yourself laughing at yourself more and taking things less seriously. You might find yourself trying things you hadn't considered before, like going olallieberry picking, practicing archery, or doing crossword puzzles for hours. Their moods are somewhat capricious, usually cheerful and content with occasional bouts of unease or unhappiness when coming across something like roadkill or when thinking too much about one of her causes.

I found these quirky traits through the web...
Many of them are very accurate when it comes to my girl. Thought I would share...
I think quirky people just make the world so much more interesting, don't you.
I love my quirky girl.

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  1. Love this! What a sweet, creative girl :)