Saturday, June 14, 2014


The last couple of weeks I have made an effort to get together with some women from church. I'm so glad I did too! One day I invited a couple ladies over for some paper bead making. It was inspired by one of the ladies necklaces she had that was made in Uganda I believe. The other lady knew how to make them so demonstrated just how simple it is to make yourself.

Just a nice collection of your favorite papers, a toothpick, glue and clear nail polish, you too can make these vibrant funky beads. I was amazed at how easy it was, yet it was time consuming. I was able to make a whopping 8 beads in a couple of hours. it was fun though. I have yet to string them into anything at this time. Maybe I will sit down and make some more with Freckles and turn it into a necklace or something.

I found a nice tutorial if anyone is interesting in trying their hand at this project here:

I was also blessed to have a younger Mama come over for a canning lesson. I have so much fruit on my tree this year, I decided to have her over to use some of my bounty. She bought some farmstand strawberries to add to the apricots. I thought it would be good
 to start out with making some simple jam. 

I am so proud of her. She was a good student. She will be coming back for more lessons soon. We talked about probably pickling some stuff...I really hope she gleaned from learning this beloved lost art and pray she will continue to want to CAN for her family. I have taught younger women these skills throughout the years and so very blessed to share the beauty of what God has designed us to use for our good. I am a huge advocate of canning fresh yummies for my family to enjoy. I will never buy store canned fruit again, it's filled with so much sugar, chemicals and words you can't pronounce. Wouldn't you rather feed your family something that you know what is is? The ingredients in this jam is simply strawberry, apricots and some honey. that's it...
No weird chemicals or preservatives and junk.

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