Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tea and Fitting In

My beautiful daughter has been trying to fit in for some time now, since we moved away from close friends last year, she has been unable to find friendship here in our new area/church. It has been lonely for her and I as friendships are hard to come by. I know, deeply she only hopes to fit in and make at least one friend here. A friend that she can have giggles with, to be invited to have fun when everyone else seems to be, someone to talk to, to be goofy with...
We have made a couple attempts with a couple prospective people to no avail. I really can't tell you why. Because honestly I don't know why or what the problem is, whether it is her or them, I don't know. I can tell you that my sweetheart girl is shy and quiet, she may feel afraid or apprehensive because in the past she has been hurt. I believe she guards her heart close. But only wishes that she would fit in with that one special person willing to give her a chance. A  person that will see her soft heart and learn that she is actually a very loyal, fun loving, witty soul and fun to be around. I have prayed for her for so long. "Lord, in these hard times and trials that we face, trying to fit into a community that we are still unfamiliar with, please put someone into her life that will accept her and love her for the beautiful person she is not only on the inside but the outside too."

We have, in the recent months met a sweet family that has a daughter my daughters age. I thought we could reach out and try once again to see if a friendship could blossom. I took the girls to a local tea room for a little lunch and tea of course, in hopes they would connect. I know my girl tried with all her being to come out of her shell. I think she had a good time. 

It is very hard sometimes, to read what the other person is thinking or feeling. It was nice, but took some work to get the conversation going. Perhaps they were both uncomfortable because they didn't know one another all that well. We can just pray that a seed was planted. If not, we will continue to pray. And pray too, that my girl shouldn't worry about fitting in. Of course it's nice to have a friend. But, it is best to just be you...Let everything just come natural. God has wonderful plans set in place for my darling girl. This is a growth process and will give her full advantage of drawing closer to the Lord and her family, being content and gaining confidence.
She is such delightful girl.
 If there is anyone unwilling to befriend her, 
I say they are missing out on something wonderful!

Why are you trying so hard to fit in 
When you were born to stand out?” 


  1. Praying that your sweet daughter finds a true friend soon. I was terribly shy at her age too, I still am a bit. My son is 14 and it has not been easy finding good friends for him. There are a few boys in the neighborhood, but they are not Christians and not the friendliest guys around. There is no kids his age at our church, so he recently started going to another local church's youth group, where there is more boys his age. He can be shy like his mama, but he is starting to open up. Our prayers are that he too will find true friendship.
    Whew...this parenting can sure be hard at times! ;D

    Take care Mica!


  2. I am in agreement with your prayer. Having a close friend is very important, especially for young ladies.
    The tea room looks like it was wonderful. Hoping those two girls can bond, but if not God will put someone else in Bre's path, hopefully very soon. Blessings friend

  3. I loved the final words of your post, they touched me really hard. And I pray for your daughter too. I know the importance of a true friendship and how hard it is to find one! I myself have experienced that and I feel that it's almost like we loose our identity without a soul that understands ours. God bless you.