Sunday, August 3, 2014

It All Started With Curtains...

Okay so I was browsing through the World Market sight the other day and saw these curtains which called out my name. I don't know why...But they were just something I had to have. Earlier in the week I was thinking of what I should do for some new window treatments since we have had our white curtains up since we moved in here a year ago. I wanted something different with a print. I even tested out hanging some of my vintage sheets...As much as I love the vintage sheets and many of them have some cool floral patterns, it just did not speak to me and didn't look that good either. So that's how it all began with the curtains in my head. I found these colorful floral curtains and instantly knew this is what I wanted for a change.

I picked them up from the store, brought them home and started to rearrange some things here and there. Then I got a wild hair.... and started to envision something else. I started to rearrange my furniture all together. I moved the little stand up dresser out, then moved my long dresser into the dining room which led to me moving my yellow hutch over where the long white dresser resided. Then I took my little school desk and side table to my room and brought out the bedroom side tables into the living room, which I am going to re paint. Then I moved my couch back up against the wall creating a bigger space in the living room. It was a bit naked so I moved my large old door on the wall above the couch and started sprucing it up with this and that and a string of lights. I brought out two lamp bases and threw on my lamp shades, placing them on each side table. Voila!

Then I looked at everything and decided my little red table looked funny and just didn't go...Mind you, it is just a little table not meant to be a coffee table. but we used it for a while. It had to go. But....What would I use? I don't have a coffee table. So crazy me, got up in the morning and went to a local antique shop....I played around with the idea of using an old door as a coffee table, which would be pretty cool, but then I saw this other table painted in a lovely aqua blue and it called out my name too! It said that it would be a nice pairing to the beautiful curtains I just got...I said, why yes you would. It just so happened to be on clearance...So it came home and here it is....

As much as my favorite color is red.....There is now a lot of blue going on. Which is fine because I have pops of color and red around...However, now I am going to have to repaint my TV cabinet because it is blue and looks funny to me. But that's okay actually...It needs a new makeover too! For now this is our new space. Since we have also decided to stay put in this house a bit longer to save money...I need change every so often, which allows me to be creative with our home and gives it a new not so boring look. LOL!!! Sorry for the terrible pictures which were taken with my Ipad...I will try to capture some better ones after I get all my painting done. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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