Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Daughter

She was a surprise to us. Yet, God planned her to be a part of our lives. A little girl who would change us forever and change our perspective on so many things. A sweet blessing gifted to us by our Maker. We would never trade her for the world. Forteen years ago today she came into this world and brightened our days with her sweet spirit. Today I think back and ponder how the day went, when my water broke, when labor became so hard to bear, to the pain I felt while pushing her into the world....Instantly those memories faded as her first cries filled the room, the first gaze into my daughters face to the first touch of her baby soft skin. She instantly wrapped us around her finger. It was a delightful day indeed. The day our daughter was born.

Time has passed so quickly. She is growing up into a young woman now. Beautiful inside and out, she is a sweet, tender hearted, loving girl filled with laughter and wit....A quiet spirit by nature, strong willed yet brave, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. She has her ideas & passions and expresses herself in a quirky kind of way...She has a style all her own. She is one of a Kind.

Our daughter is such a pleasure to us.
 We are grateful to God that it was HER that He gifted us with.
 He always knows what is good and right. He knew we needed her....
Our prayer for her 14th year
 is grow boldly in her faith, trust her Savior,  be brave in this world,
  shine and be confident in all she sets out to do,
  make friends that will last a lifetime and be the beautiful self she is.
We love you dearest Freckles...
Happy 14th Birthday!

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