Monday, August 18, 2014

Taking A Break

Our daughter finally gets home today from her week long getaway with friends. We have missed her so much. Once we pick her up from the airport we are heading straight for the lake/mountains to stay in a friends cabin for a 5 day long overdue vacation. I planned a time of fun, relaxation and crafting. A little craft time decompress kind of vacation. We will venture out a bit and explore some antique shops, maybe a bookstore and go to the lake, take walks, play games, read, journal, watch movies and craft of course.

I put together a fun bag of goodies filled with some crafty goodness for Freckles to add to her crafty stuff. I really wanted this to be a special last HOORAH for the Summer before school starts up.

We will be unplugged.
which will be quite nice just to be us together...To reconnect as a family and enjoy one another without the computers and ipads. When we come back I will be sure to share some pics. of the time we spent and the crafty stuff we worked on.

I planned:

~Painting on canvas
~Creative journaling
~Sharpie mug art
~Painting a Spoon Girl
~Sharpie tie dye shirt
~Crochet Grannie Square 
~Water color postcards

It will be a blast!!!!!
Okay see you soon!
Time to unplug now!!!

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  1. Have a wonderful time! Looking forward to seeing the pics! :)