Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer 2014 Vacation~ Mi Wuk... Pt 1

We headed up to the mountains after picking Freckles up from the airport last week for our long over due vacation. We were blessed by a sweet family in our church who opened their cabin in the mountains/woods to us for the week. It was a nice little drive about 2 1/2 hours from home, but a perfect getaway. The atmosphere was delightful. A little cabin nestled in the woods.

The little streets were all Biblical names and each cabin was different. It was still and quiet with just the sounds of birds and echoes or a breaking branch in the distance. We did a whole lot of nothing the first couple of days. With all the work Mr. Darling has been doing and Freckles trip to her friends in So. Cal brought us to a deep sigh of relief and accomplishment. We are burned out and really just need find our rhythm.

We didn't do all the crafting that I originally planned for us but Freckles worked on her journal quite a bit. We will be finishing up those activities this week before Summer comes to a close. The trip was nice, yet we did not sleep well. Each night seemed to have gotten easier but lacked in proper sleep. We decided that we would come home a day early to unwind from our vacation. Sounds funny that you would go on vacation to unwind but have to unwind from the vacation. But, it is true for us. We came to the conclusion that we are not very good vacationers...I think we would prefer to do little day trips somewhere or perhaps an overnighter...
But a's too long for us homebodies. 

We did however enjoy our time and loved the outdoors. We were blessed to have been given this treat by our church family...It will be a special memory...And yes, we will definitely go again...but next time it will just be a little shorter. Tomorrow I will share a little more from our time in Mi Wuk/Twain Harte and our day at Pinecrest Lake with some old friends who live in the area.
Happy Summer...It's almost over.

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  1. What great photos...although you were a bit homesick, it looks like you all had fun! :)