Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our Nest Is Empty For The Week....

Our girl took her first plane alone to Southern California to celebrate her birthday with her bestie whose birthday is just three days after hers. She was so excited yet very restless and filled with anxiety just thinking about her going up in a plane all by herself. Our sweetheart was so nervous, she cried right up to the time she got on the plane. Poor dear. Thankfully it was a flight where she was able to text us...We waited and watched her plane fly away before leaving the terminal. then about 15 minutes later we got a text that she was fine...It was a piece of cake. All those nerves and she realized it wasn't so bad after all. We are three days in...I miss her dearly. She has been calling us every day giving us the scoop on her day. In the meantime it has been just me and my dear Mr. Darling... He had been busy earlier in the week preparing for some exams before his official ordination floor exam....So I spent a couple days alone...Yet gave me a whole lot of time to think over things we are going to be changing in our lives as we enter the new school year. The evenings have been spent just hanging out with my darling and watching movies that we normally wouldn't have Freckles watch. This morning we woke up. He made me a nice smoothie for breakfast and told me he was taking me on a picnic.

We got the picnic basket ready along with our quilt, picked up some drinks, chips, sandwiches and cookies. We headed over to a park, found a sweet spot in between a bunch of big trees. Set up our picnic, ate, talked, giggled and took some fun pics...

Since Seminary and all the hubbug from moving and with my darling doing the internship this last year on top of getting the church plant going, we have not had any alone time let alone a time to date. It was perfect and just what we needed. A way for my dear husband to just decompress and not have to think about all the exams...I was so touched that he planned our day out today. I am so in love with this guy.

It was something we both needed. He is so tired and burned out. He deserved a day of doing absolutely nothing. It was nice just to eat together and talk about stuff..we even lay on our backs on the quilt and looked into the trees, at the sky, at the bugs flying around us and the spider webs among us. ANd he held my hand. That's when I felt like we were heart skipped a beat and my feelings for him grew even more. I felt so good, so happy and had a fun time just being goofy with him.

(this was our view as we gazed up into the sky...Notice it is also heart shaped)

It was a little taste of what it will be like not very far off in the future. Our nest without our baby birds. It has been kinda strange not having Freckles home with us...Yet, it has been good for all of us. For our girl to spread her wings a bit and for us to be love all over again.

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