Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Getting Through

It has been longer than I thought since I last posted. I didn't mean to let time slip. It has been a busy whirlwind planning my Mr. Darlings official ordination/installation service, taking Freckles to school on Academy days, and taxiing her around to youth group. Our church plant was a part of the local safe trick or treating that is held for the community. We set up a tent and banner and passed out 1,000 pieces of candy and our church business cards. That evening I felt under the weather and it rained hard. We were soaked to the bone. After returning home that evening I ran a slight fever and had the worst sore throat. The next week I literally spent in bed, sleeping. The flu caught up to me. My family also got hit by it. Long story short, I had no energy or inspiration to do a whole heck of a lot. It is only today I am actually feeling quite better. The cough is still lingering, 
but I can finally function a bit more.

These are just snippets of pictures taken that I put on Instagram...So thought I'd share them with you. I made my costume this year. I was a tomato pincushion. I didn't get good pictures due the the dark dreary rain...But, it was a hit. Some people actually could figure out what I was dressed as a simple girl Doctor Who with bow tie, skirt and nifty sonic screwdriver. I didn't even get around to decorating much either. Just a few pumpkin things here and there.

So, now that I am on a mend and got through the hard part of the flu. I am hoping to get back here to my little spot. Hope all is well with you dear readers. Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving!? Then Christmas already!!!!? Crazy...

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  1. How did you make you pincushion costume? I think it is a fabulous idea.