Wednesday, December 3, 2014


What a blessing to finally get a bunch of rain. If you didn't know...California was hit with a very bad dry drought spell. Everything was dying, it had been hot and the reservoirs were dried up. Any little bit of rain we got many months ago only lasted a day and was not enough to water or fill up anything. It was getting to where we couldn't use as much water to wet the grass and stuff. The Lord is good...It has been pouring cats and dogs for a couple days now...Just what we have desperately needed around here. It has also cooled down, yet we have had to endure high humidity which makes you feel warm and as if you were in a sauna. It has been nice...Listening to the rain on the rooftop, coming down, snuggled up in some cozy slippers and an afghan, sipping a nice cup of chai tea with marshmallows on top in a Santa mug. Yeah...Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!

I know some people dread the rain...Not me....It has been so nice. Reminds me so much of back home, in Washington. Sure it rains and snows there, but boy is it beautiful and green there. I miss it quite a bit at times. I miss having snow every year. I loved watching my kids play out in the snow and have a snow ball fight or build snowmen....Or to open our mouth and let the snowflakes fall tight in. Well anyway. The rain is a good thing around these parts. Now it's time to deck the halls and start the baking and making.

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  1. I know the feeling of needing a good rain a am nd then getting it. Makes one want to run right out and dance in it ;) Can't wait to see all your decorations. Blessings