Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Dance

I remember years ago when I told my family members we were going to home school our children. One of the things that was brought up as an opposition to our decision was...."What about school dances and proms?" Well that really was not a BIG deal to us. As our home schooling journey moved on, our children have had the pleasure of attending over 8 dances through home school, church and speech/debate clubs. So, in all...... My kids have probably been to more dances then your average public schooled kid. We didn't miss out on anything at all. Am I sorry they missed the prom? no way!

Our girl went to her first Home School Winter Dance at
 The Academy she attends. She had the time of her life with all her girlfriends. 

She enjoyed a lovely dinner, and danced the night away...

Oh and she won 2nd place in the dance off competition!
She looked so beautiful...And so happy!!
It was a blast!

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