Saturday, January 3, 2015

Homemade Cinnamon Spiced Orange Cleaner & Cleaning Schedule

Winter is here and citrus grows on the trees here in our parts during this season. We have an orange tree in the backyard and the neighbors lemon tree hangs over the fence, Whatever hangs over, I pick. I don't think they hardly ever pick from their tree...It's always so full. So Christmas has passed and we rang in the New Year...Time to get organized and deep clean for the Winter months. However as far as we go, we won't be in this house too much longer. We gave our notice to move to the area Mr. Darling Pastor's our church in. So for me...This deep clean is going to be a very deep clean as we prepare to pack and spruce up before vacating. Okay so, where do the oranges come in? Well, one: we eat them, but then save the peels. During Christmas time I made candied orange peels for our son, which he loves! We use the oranges in our smoothies, so the peel doesn't go to waste. At least not for this project. I decided to spice up the vinegar I use for some of my household cleaning. I found a pin from Pinterest about adding peels from citrus to the vinegar. You fill a quart size jar with peels, pour in the vinegar till covered and add a couple cinnamon sticks. You have to wait two weeks for the peel and spice to meld together with the vinegar for 2 weeks. After two weeks, drain the solution into a bowl through a strainer. You want to strain out all the peel and pip gunk along with the cinnamon sticks. Pour your solution with half water into a spray bottle and start cleaning!!!!

You can do the same with lemons...minus the cinnamon stick or even adding some essential oils for a nice fragrance. This homemade cleaner is perfect for counters, toilets, tubs, and sinks. The coolest thing is...It's all natural and great to use as a cleaner especially if you are sensitive to chemicals or just want to keep those chemicals out of your home. 
P.S sorry for the bad pictures here. I used my phone for them this time around.
 It has been so gloomy and dark in this house that I decided not to use my camera.

I also pulled together this handy dandy cleaning schedule I wanted to try to implement this new year. Easy daily tasks and you'll be on top of all the mess...Making your home nice and clean every week. I also wanted to share it as a little gift from me to you.

Here's to a Happier, Healthier, 
Organized year ahead!!!!

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