Thursday, January 1, 2015

She Reads Truth

As we ring in the New Year. We have the chance to start afresh. Getting organized, making plans, changing, growing etc.... This last year 2014 was a difficult one for me personally which melted into the home as well and made home life difficult at times too. When 2014 rang in...The year started out a bit shaky with the deterioration of my Gramma's health and her passing. The fact our boy is going to settle 1,000's of miles away... It really struck a heart chord with me and led me to fall into an unexplained depression. I stopped doing things I loved, like crafting for my little business etc... I had sleeping issues, insomnia, disturbances in my REM and had a hard time waking up in the morning.  My family ( Freckles and Mr. Darling ) stood by me and still does, and tried to encourage me out. This last Fall I started feeling a bit better. I have been busy with Freckles and her schedule and our season of life is changing. I have yet to take out that sewing machine to start any projects though. I am still struggling with some things within, in hopes and with lot's of prayer that I will find myself back to the person the Lord wants me to be. And surely our Lord is a good Lord and wouldn't want me to be in the darkness. It has been a long year. I have tried to put a happy face on...And only led to completely give it all to God. We are  planning on making drastic changes with our life and planning yet another move to the town where Mr. Darling Pastors our church. It is a little stressful...But I am trying my hardest to just let God control the unknown. He has the perfect place for us to settle a bit. 
This New Year 2015 will be focused more on God, our walk with Him, our hearts and minds to grow and embrace the truths He has bestowed to us. I want to be a good example of this for our daughter. She will be 15 this Summer. She is growing into such a gem. I want us to stay close and a great way to do that is to make lot's of time for her. Especially for her spiritual needs. I found these sweet Bible Studies on With Mr. Darling's approval of content. We ordered three different studies that are tailored to women. I just know this will be great for us both, to bond with Christ and His word and to bond together. Character training is always a good thing. In the past we went through a study on Girlhood...But, now that she is getting older, I felt these would be perfect. The story of Ruth, and a study on Hospitality...Perfect for a young lady or any woman to glean and implement in their homes. Because it is commanded that we be Hospitable and open our homes to people. And of course just studying through the word is good for our souls. 

And...The beautiful colors and illustrations are right up our alley. I know it's not the main purpose of the study itself, but always nice to have something pretty to look at. I pray this year will be a little better than the last. May the Lord continue giving us grace.

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