Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sun Kissed

The season changes, the weather warms and the sun kisses noses. It's so nice to see her Freckles a lot more prominent than they are during the Winter months. I love this time of year. The flowers bloom, the prettiest birds sing the prettiest songs, the grass is greener from light showers and the sun shines bright on warm days. The sun has kissed her softly. This girl of mine is getting closer to her 15th year this coming Summer. Hard to believe how the seasons pass us by. She has bloomed so much this year. Since this last Fall she has started part time homeschooling at an awesome Academy and has made a handful of darling girlfriends. She has become less reserved with her peers and found the courage to speak in front of people through speech and presentations she has to give in her classes. We are thrilled to see her in her element,such I delight!

Since before Christmas she started to self teach herself and play the Uke..and yes, she even sings a little. pleasantly she is quite good at it too. Soon she will be getting a new Concert Uke, which is just a bit bigger than her Soprano. Then for her birthday she is getting a Banjolele...It's a Uke that has the sweet sounds of a banjo! It's really neat!

What a blessing to have two very talented, musical kids. I love it!!!

Note: To the person who left a recent comment that was filled with rubbish and lies. I had a good laugh...Move on!! Your comments are immediately moderated and deleted into spam, so waste your time somewhere else, Your hate and garbage are not welcome here.

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  1. Bring it on Bri. I am so amazed at the way she has blossomed and so very proud of both her and Vinnie. I am just a proud Grandma and I agree with you on the person that left rubbish and lies on your blog. Go away fool, you are not wanted here!
    Keep up the wonderful posts here. There are so many that enjoy them.