Sunday, March 29, 2015

Which Came First...The Chick Or The Egg?

Definitely the chick! 
Spring is in the air!! I put out some Springy chicks, eggs and bunnies around the house. I love using different sorts of containers to hold some cute eggs in. Here I used a vintage coffee can and filled it with some happy glittery eggs... 

Here I used a bright and cheery vintage ceramic nest bowl for some happy plastic eggs! 
The bowl was a recent Thriftscore!

I used a small cloche on a little polka dotted plate. Inside is a darling nest we found empty that had fallen out of a tree...I put a couple tiny glittery eggs in there...So cute!!!

A little yellow colander also holds some eggs, along with another little ceramic dish filled with white plastic eggs. I love seeing these little vignettes around our home! 
Makes me happy Happy Happy!!!
One week till Easter! 


  1. You are such a good Mother, Wife and Daughter to me and a great home decorator !

  2. Your pictures and life are so upbeat! My youngest daughter taught herself to play the ukulele and it just is such a sweet-sounding instrument!