Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

Easter Sunday came and went in a blink of an eye. 
There was so much more I wanted to do and get done but unfortunately we got sick. AKKKKK! We did however manage to color some eggs with some little people from church one afternoon....It was their first time coloring eggs....and they did a mighty fine job with it too. Freckles had the week off from school and had a one night sleepover with six other girlfriends...Then the next day she was struck with this nasty cold....Which in turn went from her to me to Mr. Darling. Thankfully I was able to manage our church's Easter Brunch after the service...With the help of Freckles and setting up the tables and settings, not to mention the ladies who brought dishes to share, we had a lovely brunch with our church family. Then when we got home I crashed for three days.

This year we gave Freckles an Easter basket that resembled a basket that I would have gotten as a young girl. What I love about this is you can find baskets that have that same look and character as the ones from my childhood in the 70's and 80's. A soft plastic kind of material woven in a happy color with a long handle....filled with simple, colorful graphic foil wrapped chocolates, taffy's and jelly beans. 

It is fun to give her a little basket that I would have received as a kid... they are forever memories which she will too carry with her. Of course Easter is not about the coloring of eggs, the candy, baskets and bunnies... I will admit I love to decorate with bunnies and eggs and chickies... But that does not get in the way of the true reason for this time. Resurrection Sunday. When my Lord and Savior died on the cross for me, He finished it, He paid it all. He suffered, died and was buried in a tomb. Three days later he rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven! He is Risen!!!
He is Risen Indeed!!! And He did this for me and His people, those who believe in Him!

I also received a sweet little package from a long time blogger friend, Viv.
 She was hosting a Little Easter Basket Swap on her blog. I thought I'd join in the fun...since I haven't done a swap in forever. Viv and I ended up being each others partners! She sent me a darling homemade basket with two lil critters she made from her own hands...I love love them...how adorable!!! she also sent along other fun goodies and CHOCOLATE! Let's not forget the PEEPS!

She spoiled me! I love it all so much! 
Thanks Viv!!!

In turn I sent her a little Easter basket filled with goodies and candy.
 I made her a little painted chick! 

It was fun! I hope we will swap again!
I pray you all had a lovely Easter!

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