Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

To my wonderful husband. The father of our children. You have shown exemplary love, compassion, and godliness toward our two children through the years. Even through the rough times when you may have felt you have failed, you have always stepped up to your God given role and kept going on the best you could, raising them in a godly home with God's word & truth, you have given each of our babies a firm foundation to lean on in their young adult lives and forever they will cherish that. What a blessing and privilege that God chose you to do such a task. Happy Father's Day to the best Father I know! Thanks be to our Heavenly Father for such a gift!

It was a great Father's Day...We spoiled my hubby with breakfast, gifts, a trip to the bookstore, late lunch out, ice cream for dessert and a little night cap.

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