Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Great Room

We moved to our new home in February. Things got busy with life and I haven't taken the time to share better pictures of our home. I thought I would start out with sharing our great room. This is the room of our house where most of our time is spent together as a family. It's one big room hence the name for "Great Room". Our living space, our dining room and kitchen all in one space.
 And we love it!!!!

We bought a couple new pieces for our living room before we moved in...It's bright and cheery. I love all the windows in this room...All together we have 8 windows. 

Missy wanted to sneak in a few shots!!!
 She sends a big hello your way!!!

We also swapped out our mix match wooden chairs for some metal industrial chairs. I will be painting the dining table white and distressing it soon. Just been a bit busy to get it done...But for sure will do it this Summer while it's warm out.

 love my roomy kitchen and huge island...Lot' of room to move around in and surfaces to work on. I am also enjoying my walk in pantry. Every house needs a walk in pantry!

Our home is a nice mix of old and new with cheery colors. I will share more pictures of the rest of our home soon! Thanks for joining me in my great room!


  1. Beautiful and I love the way you have it all laid out. Where did you find those chairs? Pretty cool. So cute to see Missy sitting there posing like a model puppy. Love you guys and I am so happy you have such a lovely home and that you are happy there. I just love you all so much!

  2. Oh, and the basket with flowers? Yep, I have one, too. Mine is hanging on the front closet door. And, a big jar with colorful, striped straws? Yep. Mine is a tall pickle jar from Walmart that I cleaned out and can shut the top and enclose the straws. And, putting beautiful things on trays? My favorite!!

  3. Love, Love, Love your new home! It looks so warm & inviting! ♥