Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Vintage Finds

I love Thrift shopping. I go on a regular basis, hunting for little treasures for my home and sometimes to set aside for future selling. This Summer I have found a few vintage dolls, sewing notions & supplies, fabrics, pot holders and kitschy goodness, 
sheets and useful storage items in my sewing room.

I was excited to find two quilts as well. My recent find was a Grandmother's Garden Quilt...I have always wanted one but never could afford some of the price tags on them. This beauty was $10. I saw it hanging there and was a little weary to look at the price...thinking nah, it would be to good to be true if it was affordable. I saw 10 and was like...Um, yeah! I snagged it off the hanger so fast it would have knocked your socks off. I really couldn't believe this hand sewn, colorful quilt from the 40's was so cheap! it made my day, that's for sure!!!!

We also found these adorable lunch containers for Freckles new school year. 
They are not vintage but it reminded me of little floral vintage fabric... The colors are so sweet...
And all $1.50 each from Daiso...eeep!
 I love a great bargain!

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  1. Awesome buy on the quilt!
    The food containers are so Daiso a website?