Saturday, August 1, 2015

Great America

Sorry for the blurry photos, they were taken from our cell phones. Last week we were invited to hit Great America themed park with coasters and rides. I have a confession: Freckles and I are NOT fans of coasters. But we went to support our friends who begged us to come. And we even went on a couple rides. After the rides, we looked at each other and said...Never again! Some people like the thrill of going fast, whipping you around and dropping...Not us...We like mellow. Like a carousal. lol... I am proud of my girl for braving it through a couple of them. I almost passed out on one of them. I just can't take the whipping and dropping....It really makes me feel pretty ill.

Will we do it again? no!!!! We will however go for the water park there, but not the coasters! Did I mention we liked the carousel ride though? lol

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