Monday, August 24, 2015

The Last Day's Of Summer & A Taste Of Country

 Last week we drove up to the countryside to visit our friends for a little adventure and dinner. They live on a beautiful piece of land where you can roam into the woods. They took us out in their Army Jeep from the Vietnam War along with a ATV....Through dirt roads and hills into a pasture of Oak trees where we stopped and enjoyed conversation, wine, cheese and crackers with fruit and a little bit of shooting almost until the sun set...

It was absolutely gorgeous...I really just wanted to stay there a little longer, but we had to get back before the sun went down,,,We certainly didn't want to ave a run in with a wild animal. We got back to their place and had a lovely dinner outside under the stars...A little more wine to top off the evening and ended the evening gathering up in their barn and played a family game. Good time, great belly rolls! We are so blessed to have this family come into our lives. It is a friendship we have prayed fervently for a long time. They are perfect for us!!! 
Here's to many more enjoyable times with them!!!

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