Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Teatime Tuesday~Autumnal Equinox & Tea Talk

Autumn will be upon us in just a little over a week. However, here in California it is hard to think "Autumn" when it has been hot and muggy. The nice thing is. it has cooled down a bit here and there but doesn't feel like Autumn to me. Here in California we don't see a lot of leaves changing unless you head into the mountains or live North. There is a little bit of change in color and some leaves fall ...But that is pretty much it for us. We sure can use some more rain tough. We have been in a drought for several years now. Supposedly we might get hit with some rain this year. In case you didn't know the first day of Autumn is September 23rd. As the weather cools hot tea will be a lot more enjoyable. I still have it even if it's hot out...But really appreciate it more when it's cool out and I can bundle up in a sweater or a quilt. Most of the Summer I have been enjoying tea in many different forms. My favorites are Southern Sweet Tea, Iced Chai Tea Latte's, Green Tea Frappes,
 and Iced Thai Teas. All refreshing!

Today I am enjoying a nice hot cup of 
One of my favorite teas....
Made by a local organic tea company served in this darling Owl mug 
I found for my daughter at TJ Maxx. You can find this tea in more 
flavors/types at Whole Foods, 
World Market, Amazon or online through their website. 
Click above link to see the other flavors! So good!!!

If you were here sipping tea with me we would chat about life and our goings on...I would share with you that the County Fair begins tomorrow and tell you about the six jams and a handmade doll I entered that will be there for the public to see. I would even invite you to come along with me to look at all the goodies they have and perhaps pet an animal or two or three.....

I would show you my dining table makeover ( yep finally painted it creamy milk white and sanded it down in spots giving it an aged look) And how happy I am with it...I don't know why I put it off for so long...It looks like a completely different table. And.... I would show you the new light fixture I put together and had Mr. Darling hang it up for me...See last post....It's pretty cool. 

I would also share with some of my current favorite things right now:

*HGTV's Fixer Upper Season's 1 & 2 ( Season 3 coming soon)
* Homemade Facial Sugar Scrubs 
*Humphrey's Witch Hazel found on Amazon
*The Bee & Tea Urban Storefront here in town that serves 
Taiwanese Boba Milk Tea beverages in different flavors. YUMMY!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. 
I am going to finish up my cup and tea and get some chores done around this place...
We have company coming next week!!!
Thanks for Having tea with me today....

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