Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Country Fair

Today we went to The Country Fair today. Also found out what my jams and doll placed. I was pleased to find out that I got one 1st place blue ribbon, 4 red second place ribbons and one honorable mention for the jams I entered. And second place for my doll. The best part was seeing them on display with all the other entries. 
( Sorry for the photos...the lighting was horrible inside the buildings)

We also enjoyed seeing all the entries there...
What talent people have!!!!

I must say besides the quilts and handicrafts...
I really really loved the art by children and teens!!! 
It was a favorite for sure!!! So much talent!!!

The best of the best at the fair is the animals!!! 
Oh how I wanted to take some of them home with me!

I have already decided since I have gotten my feet wet a bit with entering stuff in the fair...Next year I am going to enter a bunch more stuff!!! Freckles also agreed to do something for the fair! 
Can't wait till next year!!!

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