Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Watercolor Sketches 15~19

Day 15~ Umbrella

Day 16~ Barn

Day 17~ Old Truck

Day 18~ Corn

Day 19~ Pine Cone

I'm still in it! Doing this daily sketching challenge has been really good for me since I am not a creature of new habits. It has been a fun challenge too! I love stepping outside of the lines and coming up with something that most people won't think of. Like The Fisher Price Barn or the corn on the cob with a face in it. I like to add a little quirky to my work if I can. I did get behind due to the flu but catching up by drawing two a night...By tonight I will be caught up. So I guess technically I haven't sketched everyday due to illness...but hey, good intentions!
Hope you like my little sketches. Perhaps it will give you some inspiration to draw a little too!
Happy Autumn!

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