Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do You Believe......

Apron Angels

In Apron Angels ???
I got this sweet package in the mail today by total surprise from an Angel.
During the Summer I joined my friend's Apron Swap and sadly never received my apron from my partner. I know, sad huh ?
Well, I haven't joined any swaps since. I pour my heart out to receive nothing in return. It's supposed to be a swap. Well, I truly have forgotten about it and wrote it off as a sad occasion.
I opened the package today and there was an apron !!!! Made in my favorite colors just for me from an Apron Angel of course. This Angel found out through my friend that I was flaked on during this Swap and took it upon herself to make little 'ole me an apron... just because, for no reason at all.
I am so thrilled and love this apron !!!!
Now do you believe in Apron Angels ??


  1. Yeah, there are flakes on Swap-bot that make things disappointing, and then there are truly amazing people too!

    The gal who did this, actually offered quite a while ago. But I told her you were moving and I didn't have your new address right away. Then, the day I got it she sent me another message and so I wrote it to her, hoping you'd get this wonderful suprise.

    Kind souls like this truly are a blessing, huh!? I'm so happy you were 'angeled' for this swap!

  2. Awww...sorry that you were let down in a swap Mica, but so happy that you have a secret angel who jumped in to fill the breach!!! What a lovely apron! Lucky you!

  3. What a cute apron....what a angel she was for filling in the gap of the one you didn't get...