Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kicking Off The New Year With Fruit!

Wasn't it just Christmas?
Where did the time go?
It has slipped like sand in an hour glass.
I have pondered and reflected on the past year....
As I am sure many of you have.
I am not all that certain if I should make New Years
just to break them.
Yet, there are a few changes that are going to be made in our home.

Changes that will surely make life a little smoother for the kids and the parents too!
Like routines, chores, family time, exercise, etc...
One of the most important things in our home,
which we have cultivated but,always has room
for improvement is our family time, devotion time and fun time.

The best way to kick off a new year is spending time
with the kids at the dinner table.
We started off with fruit.

Banana's and Apples to be exact !

It was fun laughing and playing games
(Banagrams & Apples to Apples)
with the kids.
Not only playing games at the table but having our
meals together is the ultimate family connection.
Every night a devotion is read at the dinner table from this fruitful book.

It has really enhanced our dinner experience.
Getting everyone to talk and communicate together is
truly a vital part of our family unity and
also brings us closer to our Heavenly Father.
As we work on these things this New Year,
I pray also that this will be an encouragement to you!
Turn off the television, and come together as a family this year...
it will become a part of what you do and will surely
be carried on when your children are grown.
These are the times they will always remember.

A Family who prays together, stays together!
And...eats together!


  1. fruit! lol.. love it. We always ate our meals together as a family when the kids were all here.. now, I usually eat at the table and my husband in the livingroom! eiy yie yie!!!!

  2. Happy new year, I pray that it is full of blessings and you feel God's hand on you throughout your day xoxoxo Clarice

  3. I love you guys! Great post Mica!
    Missing you all