Monday, January 4, 2010

Shaping Up In The New Year

Rarely do I have pictures of myself on my blog.
I guess you can say I am self conscious of getting
it taken and sharing my flaws.
Sounds silly really.
Well, anyway, I thought I would share my new haircut for the year.
I haven't had it cut since Mothers Day.
You can say, as a Mother, I am usually
the last one to do anything for myself.
So I let things go.
They cut off a good 4-5 inches off!
Then I came home and gave it a fresh coloring
to cover up those little pesky nuisances.
Now this is gonna sound off the wall but I went into
the drug store to buy some cold medicine...
and the clerk asked me if I was over 18!
What.... are you kidding me!
Yeah really... I was shocked..
number one I didn't know you had to be
over 18 to buy cold medicine..and two,
I was with my 15 year old son and she
thought maybe I wasn't old enough
( I don't even get carded anymore).
It must be the hair and the color and the way I was dressed...
I don't know...I am just flattered .
Oh to be that young again!
In a couple years I am going to be 40!

Well, I tell ya, the haircut made me feel great and
the new outfit my sweet Sister In Law bought me...
really did the trick.
Well, for this year ahead I plan to keep up with
getting my hair done more often, going to the gym to lose those
unwanted pounds that crept up on me and get into shape !
I promised my self and ( Mr. Darling ) to keep up with my
routine around the house and with the kids.
not to mention keep smiling, laughing and enjoying life!

Because this life is surely a blessing.


  1. You are beautiful Mica.....blessings

  2. You look great! I for one always appreciate getting carded for any purchase. It's a compliment.

  3. Hey gorgeous, love the new do. You know I realized one day my girl would grow up and be moms themselves probably and I did not want them to think being a mom meant never doing things for themselves. So now I try to keep thing in threes, like a new shirt for Auberne`, then a new shirt for Chloe, then a new shirt for me. I think what would I want my girls to do if they were moms, that has helped me pamper myself xoxoxo Clarice

  4. Love your hair Mica.
    I am so proud of you and I just know that you will keep all those promises.

    Love You