Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vintage Meringue Cookies....

I got out my vintage Betty Crocker Cooky Cookbook over the weekend to try my hand at some of the old recipes inside! And so glad I did! I made a meringue cookie recipe that instantly reminded me of my childhood days when I took the first nibble. My Gramma would make these. It's funny how a taste or a smell or even an item will bring you instantly back to a time. For me it reminded me of  some of the visits with my Grandparents...One specific memory was a Summer spent with them. Gramma and Grampa were in the kitchen baking cookies as they sang me a Latvian song called
Little Monkey.
nedaudz maz mērkaķis ooh ooh ooh
 which meant Little, Little Monkey, ooh ooh ooh!
It is one of my favorite memories from childhood. Which i will always hold dear.
 I should get her to sing it to me or write it down before she forgets the words.

I used my vintage enamelware double boiler I found at a yard sale a couple years back with my mom.
It does a great job for just a couple bucks!

Meringue Cookies
3 eggs
1 Cup sugar
1/4 tsp.salt 1 tsp. vanilla

Heat oven to 300 degrees. Blend egg, sugar, salt and vanilla in top of double boiler. Place over boiling water; beat with rotary beater until mixture stands in stiff peaks, scraping bottom and sides of pan occasionally with rubber scraper. ( meringue will become lumpy if you don't scrape)  Drop heaping teaspoonfuls of dough on 2 lightly greased baking sheets...Place cookies on sheet immediately; bake one sheet at a time. Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until lightly browned. Remove from sheet immediately. Makes about 3 1/2 doz. cookies.
Thanks for popping in and sharing with me my childhood memory.
 Do you have any memories that remind you of something when you make food?
Have a great week!!!
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  1. Yummy, really meringues are so economical xoxoox Clarice

  2. The look decadently sweet!


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    Will not let green go to her head;
    Instead she will seek
    Her senses to pique
    With cherry and crimson instead.

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  3. lovely rubies!

    My Ruby Post, hope you can find time to drop by. Thank you!

  4. now I'm craving for one, too!

    Visiting from Ruby Tuesday!

    RT@ Senakulo

    Now a GFC follower

  5. So many good things for the heart and soul going on in your sweet home. I loved your Easter and Good Friday posts. Thank you for sharing your precious memories with us too. Your meringues are just gorgeous.

  6. Ooooh that looks so good! I'm going to have to try them myself! I am a stickler for old cookbooks. I snatch them up as soon as I get find one!! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us!

  7. cookies sound great and I love enamel wear as well

  8. I've never seen that book before, but I think I have to have it, just for the cover! How cute, and those meringue cookies look almost too pretty to eat!
    Happy REDnesday,

  9. Oh hon...I love your vintage enamelware double boiler! Yeah, it looks like one that my mother had in green! Thank you for the recipe and the story od your dear grands and the song...oh, nice family memmories are the best! Thank you for dropping by and for the lovely comments!