Sunday, April 3, 2011


On this day 17 years ago I married my best friend.
Our vows never to be broken.
My love he'll always be.


  1. HAPPY OF HAPPIEST OF ANNIVERSARY to you Love-Birds!!! You two are an inspiration of HOPE and a Beautiful Example. May God continue to Bless you both on your Journey of Life Together. Love you guys, Nene

    PS. We are up early, there is a HUGE Thunderstorm with Lightning covering the Texas Sky right now Mila is running around the house hyper, and your brother is loving it... lol! Enjoy your Day - (your package was sent out too) Can't wait until you get it... xoxoxo

  2. Happy Anniversary to the both of you...blessings on your week...Shelley

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Darling, Mica! Love your new blog header!

  4. Thank You Jesus, For such a wonderful union! I am forever grateful that you two are my family, Happy Anniversary, I love you more!

  5. Happy Anniversary,
    it is soo sweet to see you too. Enjoy year 18 xoxo Clarice

  6. I remembered two days before and then I forgot....Sorry
    Happy Anniversary. I am so glad I found you for my son :)
    Love you both !