Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Roses, Owls and Headaches....

Last week flew by like the wind, I am so behind on Spring cleaning yet, my headaches are holding me back from being very productive in the home or in my doll making. I woke once again with a really bad headache. I took what I could, drinking fluids and resting....still to no avail I have the headache and it's the end of the day. I have had headaches all my life really. I may have inherited the migraines from my father. It is actually very seldom I don't have a headache. To top it all off I have  chronic sinusitis and allergies, especially during Spring and Summer. Even though I have left with such a curse, I still appreciate the beauty outside. The flowers are blooming everywhere...This pretty was in my garden awaiting a photo opportunity...Isn't she a beaut? I found my apricot tree bloom's fell off and it's full of green balls...I so can't wait to pick them when they are ready!!! Next week I am going to buy some strawberries & make loads of jam....YUM!!!
Freckles really wanted to craft with me last week. I asked her what she wanted to do...She said she wanted to paint up an owl on my wood pieces. So, we sat down together and created these Lil sweeties. I am so proud of her. She did a wonderful job on her owl in which she affectionately named Freckles.
Now she is all gung ho ! to open a little shop of her own and sell her little owls. If anyone out there is interested in my darling little girls owls...please let her know...She is ready for special orders and priced them at $10.00 each with $2.00 shipping. Not bad for a sweet piece of art!
Speaking of orders. A blog pal ordered an owl caplet for her 3 year old daughter....I finally shipped it off last week. Hope she loved it! It's pretty close to the one I made Freckles, except it was a little smaller. If anyone would like an owl cap...Please let me know....any color, any size for $20.00 w/ FREE shipping!
Well, I am off to lay my pounding head down, this is about all I can muster up for the day!
 Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. Sweet post...so sorry about the headache....hope it passes soon...have you ever had a check up just to be sure its nothing serious....now,I am mothering you :)
    The little owls are so cute...both you girls did a wonderful job....blessings

  2. Love the Owls!! You guys always have something to work on and create. :) Spring and Summer always comes with a price. I hate allergies too. They really do get you down and tired. I hope your headaches go away so you can enjoy more beautiful weather outside coming. Anyway, you might have something coming at the end of the week to cheer you UP with a Boost of energy!! ;)Love you! xoxo

  3. Does Bri have a shop? What is the name of her shop if she has one? I will go shopping there!
    Hugs to you and to Bri, she did a fantastic job!

  4. Oh My Precious! I too have been so sick these last couple of weeks, It has really kicked my bum. Nevertheless, there is too much to do. hang in there my love, and know I am praying for you and I'm with you in spirit.

    Love you sissy!