Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weeks End Glance....

We had a good week this week...I accomplished a few things which is always a good thing. Mr. Darling is busy, busy going back and forth to San Diego for his Summer internship, the kids and I went to the beach with our sweet gal friend Marilee. It was a great day watching them play in the waves..I even got a little kitty snooze in...The sound of the ocean relaxed me, just wish I could have brought it home with me.

I worked on this cute little patchy scrap piece and will be quilting it next week, making it a sweet throw pillow to sell. My mind is set on doing shows again. I haven't done art shows in I have lot's of work ahead. I'll keep you posted.

I found this cool yellow shadow frame while thrifting, so added my print to it...So cute...
This will be for sale too!
Then I worked on a couple collage pieces to add to my shop.
The houses above and this darling Daisy Gal in full bloom. Precious isn't she?

Drinking lemonade...
Cause it's Summer time!!!

Oh yeah, my apricot tree is ready and bearing fruit...Yay!!! I made apricot jam and cherry jam to add to my strawberry. My friend will be coming over next week while I give her jam making lessons...Plus we're making a trip out to the blueberry fields to pick ....Maybe I will turn that into jam too! Yum!!!
Stay tuned for this fun tutorial I will be sharing...
Using cute bandanna's!!!

Oh, if you live nearby and have a pool & wish to have us over..
.We'd be more than happy to hang out with you
Freckles is praying for it!
 Tee Hee...Hope your having a fantastic Summer!!!


  1. just love your prints - really gorgeous .. if we had a pool i'd invite you over, however we don't and we live in the uk, and its raining again !...sigh.. have a great wkend - :) xx

  2. I love your art pieces....I love the ocean too but,I haven't be able to go but,a few times in my life....I have a sound machine I sometime use at night with oceans can be very soothing...your jam jars look so,the jam is yummy too...blessings on your weekend

  3. Your art is beautiful! I have several homeschooling (mom) friends who, as their youngest children have become 12, 13, 14 -- have got back into their art and have pieces and shows in galleries here in Memphis.

    I have friends with pools, so if you were here I would certainly invite you out (and if you were here you would REALLY want to be in a pool!). Hope you find a pool to splash in nearby.

  4. Looks like a very good week! Looks like very good jam! Looks like very, very, very good art! Hope you find a pool Freckles! We could use one too.

  5. Oh I don't have a pool just the little ones small blow up. Cute post and I love the colors in your artwork. You are ever so talented. Taking the hat you made with us on vacation on Friday so Quinn can wear it. It gets cold on the central coast in summer if the fog rolls in.

  6. NOOOO, don't tell me this!! I want my niece here swimming with us. We are having a hard time getting friends over to use our pool. Can you believe it. "Something you don't want to hear"(I know) It's depressing for us. Another reason to come see us 'OR MOVE here!! Just beware of the high humidity. :)LOL... Just bring your swim suites. Lovely posts as usual, makes me want to guess and picture what you will do with the bandanna's ...also makes me want to create too. See what an inspiration you are?!! Hubs~N~ Love to you all... xoxox Nene

  7. Love the new pieces!! And the photo of the jams you made made my mouth water!! Wish I had a pool also, believe me :)