Saturday, July 30, 2011


 This morning I tied my apron strings and got busy with keeping the home. I am doing a thorough deep clean before Fall...School starts soon! And we're throwing our daughter a Mad Hatter Tea Party this coming weekend for her 11th birthday. She didn't have a party for her 10th so we are making it up since we won't have another until probably her 13th. Big parties every year wouldn't make things special anyway. Can't wait to show you some of the ides I found for her day! I am also making her gifts!
I made a hearty, country breakfast to get the day going and I was off !
 I love pancakes,scrambled eggs and sausage,YUM!
I also love my new apron..I got it for pennies,
 literally..It was $1.00!

Enjoying my new chair.... I sold a few things on Craigs list and Ebay to buy my chair since my old chair was too awkward in that space and starting to rip. It is the cutest find with it's sweet plaid upholstery full of happy colors, jumbo rick rack for whimsy and pockets on each side.
A perfect spot to keep remotes, toys and my Bible for quiet devotions.

Today I swept, vaccumned,scrubbed,mopped,dusted and moved things around for a little change of scenery.Everything smells and feels so Summery fresh!!!
Also enjoying moments with my daughter, reading our vintage childrens books.
 She loves to be read to every night...well, almost every night, when there is time.
And...Playing with dolls. This sweet doll has been with us since Freckles was a baby.
 It is an Anne Geddes Rag Doll. We are also missing our son while he is currently out of the Country on his Mission trip to Czech. We got an e-mail from him the other day which was wonderful and very encouraging. Two more weeks and he will be home! Tonight we prepare for The Lord's Day...Church and fellowship with our Summer internship congrgation and hopping over our friends house afterwards for an overdue visit. hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. That chair is soooo cute. It remind me of one in a book by cath kidston called "Vintage Style". If you haven't seen the book, I recommend it. Check your library!

  2. Sounds like you have been a busy girl. This year I will only have Quinn my 3 yr old as a student. Oldest two in college and my 13 year old is taking all of her classes through a homeschool type school. One day a week she goes all day. But I will do a litte pre-school something with Quinn. I have homeschooled every year for the past 16 years. What would I do without it? Oh free time I guess. I love to make things sort of fun for the beginning of the school year. I usually decorate my kitchen shelf with apple/school themed items as that is where we do our schooling.

  3. I Love the big rickrack on your new chair!! And your aprons are really cute. I agree that big birthday parties are not needed every year. Sometimes simple is a lot better. I always feel better after I get the house all spic and span. Like I've dusted the cobwebs out of my brain.

  4. Love your new chair It is too cute! The ric rac is adorable. Those pockets are handy too. Where did you find it?

    I always love your attitude too. I need to wake up with some of that tomorrow - or Monday. My house needs organizing. Today we went through all of Baby Bee's clothes seeing what still fit and what had to go. She still insists upon kissing each outgrown garment good-bye. She is a sentimental bee. (I have no earthly idea where she gets that from. LOL)

    School starts for my students on August 18, but I go back on the 16. Not ready yet. I didn't get everything done I had hoped. Spent too much time reading - and - truth be told - playing on the internet.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  5. I love your apron and that chair what a great find!!! What a great idea for a party I can't wait to see pictures