Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happily Home Schooled.....6th Grade 2011


Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the LORD.
Psalm 107:43


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures(: I hope you all have a great year...blessings!

  2. what great glasses!

    and, if I were you, I'd be framing the one close to the bottom where she is looking down to read. Sweet!

  3. I love this and the whole new look for your blog and header. You are so good with photos.

  4. I LOVE: The "NEW LOOK" to your blog, The Gorgeous & FUN Pictures of Bri, Her First Day of 6Th Grade, Your Playlist Music :) AND LOVE YOU ALL... I hope you have another Fantastic Day over there... xoxoxo

  5. I love all these fun pictures..Freckles looks so sweet but,so grown up...I must tell her what I told my Kalyn(11 and in the 6th grade also)...Slow down... you are getting just a wee bit to big for your britches :) Seriously kids seem to be growing to fast these days..and little girls don't stay little girls near long enough...or maybe its because I am from "back in the day" as my grands say :)
    I admire you as a mother keeping your little girl just that,a little girl as long as you can...my Kalyn is way to mature in so many ways...sometimes it breaks my heart to know what she has been exposed too at eleven years old. Her mama(my daughter)just doesn't see eye to eye with me in the danger of certain music,movies and other things that I would have as her mother never allowed. There is much prayer to be said for the young people of today's society. So many,many temptations. Well,I am sorry didn't mean to go there but,I did anyway :) Your children are so blessed to have been able to have a stay at home mom and to have been home schooled by her as well...My daughter is a wonderful mother and works so hard as a nurse to try and give her children things she never had but,they are losing out on so much because she is away from them working outside the home. As it is with so many families these days. It does my heart good to see some mothers still prefer being at home and making their home and family their ministry. Please,don't think that I feel less of my daughter for her choices. I am very proud of her because she worked so hard putting herself through collage,working and taking care of her home too to get her education....I admire her for her perseverance and strength but,just wish she could have done so without making other sacrifices that may be a regret to her at some point later in her life. I am sure you understand what I mean.

    Blessings dear Mica