Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love To Learn....

So far our week is really good. School is fun all over again after our long Summer break. I decided this year i would work really hard at making learning fun for my daughter. Through home making skills to art, the love of literature, music, history and most above all learning about God and what He wishes for us. I started the week off with cooking and art class... We did our normal studies too...But this if the FUN stuff. ha ha. I taught Freckles how to make homemade pretzels...Okay, so I learned too. They turned out pretty darn good may I add.
Then we did our art class...I want to work on teaching her some different techniques. The painting above turned out quite cute using scrap paper on a base page, painting, drawing, more painting then adding in detail. We call this piece "Owls Starry Night".

The next art project was a self portrait collage using scrap papers. The end result cam out quite whimsical. She did an awesome job. I plan on teaching more techniques in painting, collage, sewing, quilting and doll making.  
To prompt creative writing...I picked up this book called Rip The Page...It was a hit! She couldn't stop at just one page. That's good...that was definitely the response I was looking for.
I pray this school year will be fruitful to my daughter...And of course my sons first year of college. I pray they will continue to love to learn especially the things they love.

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  1. I love the owl!

    I bet she has a wonderful year with you as her teacher.