Friday, February 24, 2012

Good Day...

Well, today is the day my dear Freckles goes off to her first Winter Camp. She has been so excited, by Tuesday she was asking if it was Friday yet...Counting down the days for her trip...And finally the time came. We packed part of her pack last night. All was good. She went to bed and it hit her. As many of you who read this blog may know my dear daughter is like my mini me, always by my side, always hanging out, crafting, cooking, thrifting...whatever...She is usually always by my side. We are very close. She seemed a little bothered when I tucked her in for the night. I asked her what was the matter? She replied with big tears welling up, her face dis configured and said she would miss me, and what if she got home sick? I told her she could call...If she didn't want to do this, she can back out. She then said, no....She was just feeling anxious. I leaned over her, hugging and kissing her and told her that God doesn't wish for her to be anxious, to cast her cares and anxieties on Him and trust that all will be well and that she will surely have the grandest time with her friends. She wiped her tears, hugged me goodnight and felt more at ease.
The morning came...She was gung ho to go out and ride her bike today. So we got out together on our bikes and rode to the park for a spell. I have made a lot of effort to be there for her this week...We spent some good quality time together, chatting, thrifting, going to the gym ( just me ~n~ her ). We thumbed through some magazines and dreamed up all the wonderful things we are going to do when Mr. Darling gets a Pastor ship. We talked about the chickens we will get and how she will take them on bike rides. It was a good day to have a good day. Her anxiety was low, she smiled and was really excited.
After the fun we had at the park, we rode back home, drank a huge glass of water and caught our breath. Then she went off for a couple hours to work as a Mommy's Helper for her favorite baby Bobby.
After she returned we got the last minute things packed up. She got out her sweet vintage sleeping bag, we picked up thrifting last year. This bag was probably made when I was a is pretty cool too...Once you zip it up there are buttons that make little arm holes and a hood. Reminded me of those snuggy things that you find these days. She thought that was like the coolest ever. Then it hit her again. She sat next to me on the couch...I could tell she was getting sad and anxious again. I held her and cuddled for a bit and prayed for her entire trip and well being over the weekend. That's all it took to make it better at least for the moment. Her friends came down to pick her up, she was thrilled and looked happy before she drove off. My heart sank though, for I will miss her ever so much even for a couple days. Trust me this is a really big thing since she is quite the Mama's girl. I feel it will be a great benefit for her to come out of her shell a bit and experience a little. She can always call and I will be there in a heart beat.
I feel like somethings missing when she is gone...This will be a challenge. My dear Mr. Darling has to attend a seminar all weekend and my son has to work so I will be alone all day tomorrow...I told myself that I would get some things done and work on creating a bit.
We'll see how it goes. I am sure we will survive..I miss her already.
42. One on One together time with my favorite girl makes any day a good day
43. Leisure biking down the windy roads, working off the booty at the same time
44. Special hugs and kisses
45. Blessed opportunities for my children that I never had growing up


  1. You are such a wise..wonderful mother...I remember those first times of letting go.... Blessings

  2. I justknow she will have a wonderful time and you will be lonely, but it is all a part of growing up. ((((hugs)))) Love the pictures. She is getting to be such a grown up girl now! xxoo

  3. You are such a good mother.. she is going to have a great time. It will be so good for her to go even if she does feel homesick at times. she will have fun. And you have a whole day home alone... those are my favorite days sometimes! putter and enjoy yourself!

  4. WOW Mica... what a very sweet and heart warming story! absolutely touching to my heart. You are the BEST MOTHER EVER! Yes I truly mean it. Loved how you prayed with her. I hope and pray she had a wonderful fun time and experience. Thinking of you all. Love you.