Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's March Alredy? Hello March....

It's March. I can't believe it. Spring is in the air. We have spent just about the whole Winter ill with something...But all through that I am trying to keep a big ole smile on my face and move forward. Since having pneumonia earlier this son and I have not gotten any better. I have officially been coughing for 4 weeks. So we both went to the Doctors on Tuesday, and found out we have bronchitis. So off to taking antibiotics and prayerfully on  the road to a full recovery. Perhaps my favorite flowery top will cheer things up a bit. ha ha.
Our daughter ( Freckles) came home from camp on Sunday...She made it and I didn't have to worry about a thing. She had a blast with her friends and won first place in their skit...She was exhausted when she got home and unfortunately we didn't have much time to talk before we got a dreadful call from my mom that my Gramma was in the hospital. By the evening they had put her in the ICU. I wasn't sure if this was it...My mom and sister were a wreck so I drove up to give them support and to see my Gramma. her blood pressure was something in the realm of 70ish over 20ish something....And kidneys were on the verge of failure. My mom said she just wasn't herself for several days, talking nonsense gibberish, and almost drinking soap. I was shocked. We were all there in the waiting room...waiting, finally had the chance to see her. She wasn't herself. We prayed and waited around and saw her up to her own room in ICU. I decided to stay at my mom's with my sister just in case she worsened throughout the night. We tried to sleep...It was hard to rest with a clear mind...Thankfully no call was made so we made it over to the hospital and saw her. She was 10X's better, a bit confused as to everything that occurred, she did not remember any of it. Poor Gramma was trying to piece it all together in her mind. She had me write her a note that we were there, the time the date, just so she wouldn't forget we were there. We had the chance to talk to the doc...He said she had probably taken so much meds.... possibly forgetting she took it and what she took to the point of practically overdosing herself. Poor Gramma. She is getting older and has been a concern of possible dementia...The Doc. said , yes that is also the case. (sigh). After a couple days in the hospital she was able to go home...My mom will now be administering her meds. Thank God. Now to keep her mentally challenged as much as possible. I pray she will be with us for many more years. I cannot fathom her forgetting who we are, my heart would break. I am grateful for the wonderful times we have recently spent with her visiting and talking all about her life in Latvia and Germany and her meeting my Grampa and coming to America. It is forever embedded in my heart and mind. Those are the times I wish to remember with her. Please keep her in prayer and for my family to cope with it all.

To add to my One Thousand Gifts list:
46. I am thankful for the breath of life
47. The wonderful opportunity for my daughter to spread her wings a bit
48. Family
49. For the Lord's healing hands
50. My Gramma's strength, making it through this hurtle...keep praying for that strength.


  1. Hope you get over your cough soon! And my thoughts and prayers are with you and your grandmother.

  2. Hello Dear Mica!

    I always feel so recharged when I come for a visit with you. I am glad your gramma is feeling better and I hope she is strong and with you for a very long time. My Baby Bee went to Winter Camp last weekend too. First time away from home for so long and with a broken arm to boot, but she had a wonderful time.

    Do you think your dear husband will find a position in California??? I would just love to meet you someday. (I think Freckles and Baby Bee would hit it off marvelously!)

  3. Mica, I'm glad your grandma is ok. its good that you were able to go see her and spend some time with your mom and sister as well.
    HOpefully you'll be feeling better now on the antibiotics and soon be hopping around like a little spring chick!
    have a great weekend