Thursday, June 21, 2012

Apricot Nectar....

Summer is officially here!
 Happy Summer y'all!!!
Our apricot tree is abundent with fruit this Summer. yay! I had already decided since we don't know when or where we are moving, I wasn't going to can this year. But certainly don't want to see all the fruit go to waste. I shared a bunch of fruit with our friends who are going to make a batch of apricot jam. Then we'll eat some fresh of course. There is so much still left so I picked a basket full...about 10-12 cups and decided to make some apricot nectar juice....
I made 3 quarts of juice to drink. Oh yummy...It turned out so yummy. I plan on having a cup every morning with breakfast. I'll probably make some more since there is so much still left on my tree.
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 Apricot Nectar
Apricots I used about 10-12 cups
Lemon juice
Water bath or steam canner
Canning jars, sterilized
New lids
Chinois Strainer (food sieve)
1. Wash and pit all your apricots. Put apricots in your large thick bottomed pot--very important because you don't want the bottom to burn. For every 4 cups of apricots you put in, add 1 cup of water. Let sit at a gentle boil until apricots are very soft--I let mine sit 30 minutes.
2. After your jars have been sterilized add 1 Tbsp. of lemon juice.
3. Set up your sieve (or chinois) over a bowl to catch all the juice. Gently pour several cups of the apricot/water mixture in your sieve and using the pestle push the mixture all around trying to get out as much juice as possible. Pour juice into a pot add sugar to taste, stir well. I used about 1/4_ 1/2 cup sugar to taste...But you don't need to add sugar if you wish. That all depends on your taste if the apricots are too tart... Pour juice into jars, filling up to the neck. Dump out remains of apricots.
4. Top each jar with a lid and ring. Process for 20 minutes according to manufacturer's instructions.
You won't need to process them if you are making small batches and drinking them within a week (keeping them refrigerated of course). If you plan on making a bunch
 and can't drink them as quickly it would be wise to process them!

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