Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer So Far....

Hey there, just checkin' in to say a little hello. Hope your Summer is going well. Not too much going on here since we just found out Mr. Darling has Bronchial pneumonia/pneumonia in his right lung and asma. Poor dear got worse this last week though he has never felt completely well since Winter when we were all hit with bronchitus really bad. The doctor was concerned if he should be hospitalized or not, will find out if he has improved on Friday. Prayfully he will not have to have a hospital stay. Please pray he will get better. Still no news on our move...We are completly waiting on the Lord. Though I have started packing several boxes of stuff I won't need. Might as well get a head start on hard work ahead of us, just to make it a bit easier and prepared. Well anyways....Last week we got to hang with Lee Koch for a few after church. Him and his wife are the sweetest people. If you don't know who he is a part from being our brother in Christ. He is a talented musician who was recently on that Voice show.
 He is blessed with a voice that is for sure.
Our family also spent a time in the wine country and watched a band while eating dinner.
 It was well...alright. But still fun to go on a little adventure with my fam.
No huge plans as of now for the rest of the weekend. Probably will be laying low since my dear Mr. Darling is ill. That's all I care for, I just pray to God he will get better.
Hope you are all having a good Summer.
 Any plans?

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  1. Mica know I have him in my prayers. It is so hard for me to see my strong husband down so I know it must be tough for you. Hang in there.