Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Clay Room...

Today Freckles and I went to The Clay Room, a local pottery shop in our town. They were having a class on making owls from clay which I thought would be perfect since Freckles adores owls. And she has never taken a clay/pottery class before. The studio is owned by a sweet Christian/homeschooling lady.
It was fun watching her class. I love to see my daughter get all creative.
 She was having a great time creating her owl.
We had to leave it behind as it take a few weeks for the final piece to be finished..It needs to dry for a week, then gets fired. This was a fun project to fill our long Summer day. Hopefully we will be able to take another class sometime. Getting creative is so fun.
Happy Tuesday.

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  1. How fun! Her owl turned out adorable! What a great summer activity!