Friday, July 6, 2012

A Girl and Her Guitar...

Freckles decided she wanted to learn guitar this Summer. So her Daddy gave her his first guitar that he started using years ago. It is perfect for her. A sweet student size Fender. She was so excited. We can't afford to have her take lessons right now so Mr. Darling has been teaching her. Starting with the chords etc. He also found her a video which she has been gleaning from. She really wants to learn, but will have to overcome the pain in the fingers from strumming and holding down her finger positions on the strings. I am just giddy that her daddy and her have a special little music bond that they can share together. (Grin)
And...she's even practicing while singing. She is growing up so fast. I am just looking at these pictures wondering where my little girl is going...she is turning into a little lady. Hard to believe her birthday is fast approaching in August, making her 12. I have seen so many changes in her this last year. The dolls are actually being played with less. (Sigh) She is interested in clothes/fashion, hairstyles, music, and reading blogs...Kinda cute too...she has favorited a few vintage style blogs on my computer for herself to read and she has been dreaming up her future Wedding details. I found a folder full of drawings of Wedding dresses, Wedding cakes, Wedding Decor and she's into looking through Wedding mags. Not that she is getting married anytime soon...That's for sure. But, sweet to see...I remember being her age and dreaming up my to be Wedding and thinking/wondering who my Knight and Shining Armor would be. It's just wild, seeing her changing and blooming. My baby girl is becoming a young woman.
I can say...I have truly enjoyed every stage of my children growing up. Every day I am in awe of them. I am a proud Mama....And so thrilled that both my blessings have been gifted with musical talents. Thanks be to God. Because I am certainly not musical. So, let the music play.

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  1. these are gorgeous pictures of freckles! she is a beautiful girl. Im glad youre enjoying and savoring every minute.. because youre right.. it goes so fast. I miss my kids being small where I had the opportunities to make Magical things happen for them. Though I love that they are adults now too.. have beautiful kids mica. any job news for mr darling? theres a methodist church here in lyndonville looking for a pastor!