Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summertime Painting....Checking Off The Summer Bucket List...

Today we crossed off yet another Summer project craft off our Summertime Bucket list. Yahoo. A few weeks back I went to Joann's and picked up a couple
 social artworking painting  projects
 & some canvas. Using my 40% off coupon I only spent $15.00 on all the things we needed. I already have a bunch of paints and we didn't need much more than that...only a couple colors were needed. Freckles chose a sunflower picture. I chose a bowl full of cherries.
This project is really easy. It comes with tracing paper, a pattern and complete instructions & supply list. You simply trace on the pattern to your canvas and start painting. The project takes 1.5-2 hours.
 It was a great way to fill up our Summer afternoon.
Freckles really enjoyed this one. It was great for her to do the project all by herself, following directions to the end. Even though she painted it a bit different...That was her own doing. he didn't want it to be exact.
Funny girl.
We really loved how they turned out. I love that it was a project we got to do together. Mama & Daughter bonding time is just what we needed. Now to pick our next art activity.
Hope you all are having a great Summer.


  1. oh what fun~ I want to play!
    these turned out great.
    have a lovely thursday!

  2. Beautiful job! How fun!
    Wish I was there to share in the acivity.
    Love ya

  3. Not only did you have a relaxing time with Freckles, you also made a treasured ememory and created artwork worthy of hanging! LOVE it~

  4. Oh my goodness ~ they look awesome!!! I haven't painted in years. Many years ago while I was still a dog groomer I was taking a painting class at a local craft store called ACMoore ~ Somehow during weeks of classes the manager of that store offered me a job in their seasonal dept. I gave up grooming ( which was killing my back) and have been working at the craft stores ever since. (Now Michaels) I make a quarter of the money but I love it.
    I miss painting.. you've inspired me!
    Have a great weekend.