Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rainbow Polka Dot Shoes Tutorial...

Today Freckles & I wanted to have a little fun with color. My Daughter loves color....So we thought with her love of art, fashion and color, we would combine them all in a fun project. Here you have it...We also wanted to share with our readers, so we made this tutorial for you. This craft is so easy...
Most any child /tween/teen or adult can have fun with this one.

1. Acrylic paint in your choice of color...
We went with a rainbow of colors.
2. Canvas shoes...We chose white ones.
 You can use any color canvas shoe.
We found ours at Walmart for $5 a pair.
3. A thimble
4. Fine Paint brush. Optional. Just in case you need
to fill in any color that didn't stamp on.
5. Colored shoelaces.
We got ours at The Dollar Tree
6. News print for table surface, paper towels,water, paint plate
Take your canvas shoes and pull out the laces. Lay out your news print on table surface so you won't get paint on your furniture. Fill a glass of water for cleaning brush and thimble. Have your paper towel handy. Squirt out a blob of each color you are using onto a paint plate or paper plate. You will be using the stamping method for this project. Fun and easy. Take the thimble holding the top, dip into the paint color and stamp the canvas shoes where you wish to have that color. We used one color at a time, stamping in random places. After you use your first color, wash the thimble in the water and dry with paper towel.
 Now you can use the next desired color, randomly stamping your canvas shoes, being careful not to smudge and letting paint dry in between colors. Repeat process until you are happy with color choice and placement. Make sure they are completely dry before you lace up your shoes with colorful shoestrings.
Now your ready to lace up.
Put them on with a cute outfit and your ready for some fun.

Happy Colors make us smile. I hope it will make you smile too,
Happy Summertime.
This craft is featured on The Crafty Crow.


  1. Darling, the shoes and your daughter...

  2. Very cute idea Mica and pretty simple too. She looks beautiful in her new summer shoes !
    Love ya

  3. feeling a bit behind in blogland... but catching up on my favorites! LOVE the painted shoes.. sooooo cute! and perfect for miss freckles! Glad youre enjoying your summer.
    any job prospects for mr darling yet?