Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This & That

I spent the last couple days preparing for this school year...So glad to be done with that part. Now, we're ready to go starting after this next weekend. Thanks again for all your prayers regarding my illness. Well, I am still sick with bronchitus and getting over the flu...No fun...no fun at all. It has really worn me out....Yet, I am trying my hardest to stay on track with my everyday duties. I have really been enjoying listening to a bunch of old records I found thrifting a while back. Each record cost 99 cents. I love them....Music from the 30's & 40's...like Artie Shaw, Leroy Anderson, Jo Stafford and others.
 There's nothing like the sound of an old record playing on a phonograph.
In other news...Freckles spent a lovely long weekend a couple weeks back with her friend, celebrating her birthday. They went to The American Girl store in L.A, had a sleep over with a few girls one night, watched movies, had many giggles and sang songs all weekend long.
They also hung out at the mall and had another sleepover with their friend Cozi
( The young actress from the movie, Dolphin Tale.)
If you haven't seen the movie...see it...What a sweet story inspired
by the true story about a dolphin named Winter.
It's a Great, wholesome family film.
It was a great way to end the Summer.
Now to get ready for school next week.
Bring on the 7th grade.


  1. It seems the girls were having a great time! I hope you're much better now and thanks for your lovely comment dear....

  2. How cool that you guys know Cozi. I wish we had an American Girl Cafe/Store here in Canada! I'm glad you all had a fantastic summer. I hope you recover quickly from the flu though! We are all anxiously waiting for the 1st day of school as they will be at a new one this year.

    Sandy xox

  3. ahhhh, records played on a record player are one of my favorite sounds ever! i love music from the 30's 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's-- a little bit of everything.
    we love the movie dolphin tale-- it's one of the kid's favorites! wyatt read the book over the summer and then i read it to charlotte, too. i absolutely loved that girl in it, she was awesome. i hope you are feeling better soon! i had bronchitis last fall and i swear i had it fo rover 2 months, it took a couple round sof medicine to kick it for good.

  4. I am so sorry you are still under the weather. UGH! Wish I was closer so I could make you my famous chicken noodle soup! Ok . . . it's nothing special . . . but you wouldn't have to cook. :)
    I too LOVE listening to records. I have all of my moms from when she was in college. I have a fun record player but it needs a new needle, so I haven't been able to listen to them in a while. We have so many silly things in common- love that!
    Hope you have a restful day and that you can kick this thing before school officially begins. Blessings to you!