Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Children...

My blog has been quiet here the last couple weeks due to a number of things...One specific reason is we have been spending these past days with our boy before his big move to Washington. The days flew by so fast. Just as the days since my children were born. You never really know how time passes quickly until you have children. My only advice is to cherish those days while they are still at home.
We only have one day left with him before he flies away...My heart is in my throat just thinking about it. I knew I needed to pull out my camera and snap some shots of my children together before the big day arrives. It made this Mama proud to see them together. My babies were six years apart...We will still have Freckles at home for some time....Which I am grateful for...It makes things a little easier...I only said, a little. Before you know it or shall I say,
 before I know it my little girl will fly away someday too....
I am so not ready for this empty nest thing.
 I'm so glad we took these sweet pictures...To remember them together as kids. Before he goes off into adulthood...and in the future he will get married and have his own little family. Though in my heart, he will always be my baby boy, they will always be my kids...no matter how old they get or where they are in life. I cherish and will cherish every moment of them.
I still can't believe my kids are going to be apart...They love each other. Freckles adores her big brother...This will be the hardest part for her....Being apart from him for long duration's. Though there are times where it seems she is utterly annoyed with him...She holds him close in her heart and treasures him more than he knows. Well I am off for now...Wednesday morning is going to be the toughest day ever...


  1. Don't worry! Mine are 34 and 32. They never stop flying home - often with laundry or clothes to repair, but it no longer feels a chore when you don't need to do it every day.
    Now my two bring their partners with them and I have double the number of children as a result. Their broader horizons, and the ease with which we can keep in touch, allow us to enjoy the new things they see and do with them. Having gone from the nest children has broadened my life experience but they have never stopped being my babies!

  2. My kids are 6 years apart (now 4 and 10) I try to cherish every minute because it goes sooooo fast. I am so sorry your little boy is leaving. He'll be in my prayers!

  3. Great photos. Although it is just a couple of miles away, I know exactly how you feel. My big girl moved out recently and it sucks. I am happy that she is a healthy thriving 22 yr old... but I miss mama's little girl. : )

  4. I had no idea your son was up here in WA! Hope we are treating him well!