Monday, April 21, 2014

The Bookworm

If she's not writing or shopping, she's reading.
 My Freckles is a Bookworm. 
She loves books. Most of her collection has been purchased with her own money. So proud of her. She got a job babysitting a few kids across the street and makes $10 an hour. Which is pretty good pay. So, most every time she gets paid she goes shopping for books. Though sometimes she will buy some clothing or makeup...Most of the time it's a book or even a stack of books.

You will find her browsing the bookstores and thrift stores for pages of gold. Once in a while she will order a book from Amazon. She is an avid reader, reading 5 books at a time...Not all at once! She will read for hours. I knew she would have a love of books at a very early age. Of course I read to her every night when she was younger and she learned to read way before kindergarten. Her collection has grown into 100's...Not too shabby for a young girl. 

I am a reader.
 Not because I don't have a life
 but because
 I choose to have many.

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  1. Love these photos! I think it is wonderful that she loves books so much, especially in a digital age when less people are reading it seems.
    Have a lovely evening!